~ by kaitlinyoung on April 15, 2008.

7 Responses to “EliteXC PRIMETIME”

  1. Alright, let’s see some blogging

  2. i am a little worrid about Gina fighting Kaitlin. I love Gina but this Kaitlin girl looks like a beast. she is so strong. my heart is with Gina but Kaitlin is a serious threat

  3. Kaitlin is gonna rock Gina. It’s nice to see some good fights from both genders.

  4. She is a badass! Looking forward to seeing the fight. Seeing her reach gave her full advantage of the fights i have seen which made me a fan. Go Kaitlin!

  5. ? so they added ur pic on the poster of second version?

    or someone has photoshoped for ur mom?

    the poster on ProElite was still the first one without u

  6. Saw your Bodog fights, great striking… perfect.

    Good luck on the 31st. I am looking forward to watching your fight. Gina is a tough fighter but I think you have it.

  7. That was a great fight! Ya put your heart into it keep it going! I’d love to see another match with you and Gina. Keep it goin! Ya got it!

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